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There are many ways for you to learn and improve your English, such as to hire a teacher, to go to school, to take an online course, and so on. And among those ways, the cheapest and still efficient way is to learn English online for free. And we are very pleasure to introduce the best one for this: fb-school.com

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Moreover, we provide the best and most accurate tesing as well as flash cards to help you evaluate your progress and point you towards your expected level.

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The Occupy Movement Turns One; Women Rockers Celebrated in DC Museum Show

September seventeenth will mark the one year anniversary of the American protest known as Occupy Wall Street. The leaderless movement spread around the world, but has yet to realize its main goals. Shirley Griffith has more...

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New words:
  • movement (noun)
  • corruption (noun)
  • nominate (verb)
  • revolution (noun)
  • publicize (verb)
  • paradigm (noun)
  • progressive (adjective)
movement (noun)
*Meaning: a slight movement of the body
*Example: A movement is a slight movement of the body.
*Phrases: civil rights/feminist/peace etc movement
movement to do something
movement for
movement of
troop movements
movement towards/away from
somebody's movements
corruption (noun)
*Meaning: dishonest, illegal, or immoral behaviour, especially from someone with power
*Example: officials charged with bribery and corruption
*Phrases: widespread corruption
political/official corruption
nominate (verb)
*Meaning: to officially suggest someone or something for an important position, duty, or prize
*Example: She was nominated to the legislative council.
*Phrases: nominate somebody/something for something
nominate somebody/something as something
nominate somebody to do something
nominate somebody as something
nominate somebody to something
revolution (noun)
*Meaning: a complete change in ways of thinking, methods of working etc
*Example: In the last ten years there has been a revolution in education.
*Phrases: revolution in
social/cultural/sexual etc revolution
revolution around
publicize (verb)
*Meaning: to give information about something to the public, so that they know about it
*Example: television's failure to publicize the unemployment issue
*Phrases: well/widely/highly publicized
paradigm (noun)
*Meaning: a model or example that shows how something works or is produced
*Example: the basic paradigm of the family tree
*Phrases: paradigm of
progressive (adjective)
*Meaning: supporting new or modern ideas and methods, especially in politics and education
*Example: a progressive administration
*Phrases: progressive decline/reduction/increase etc

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